Privacy and Cookie Policy

Who we are

Cactus Group

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Privacy policy

TL;DR: we respect your privacy. No one does, but we do.

Cactus Group is based on WordPress. No user tracking is performed by this site or by third parties. All content, such as images, videos, fonts and CSS, is served directly through our domain without employing third-party services such as CDNs.

Some data, however, must be collected in order to:

  • prevent abuse attempts (such as hacking and spamming);
  • provide comments and contact forms;
  • deliver newsletter emails.

Data collected automatically

In order to view this site, your browser must provide data such as your IP address, user agent (which includes the browser and OS version) and preferred language. Most of this data will be discarded upon reception, however our hosting provider may keep access logs containing IP addresses for statistical purposes. The Wordfence firewall will also analyze requests to block hacking attempts; detection is performed locally with pre-downloaded data.

Data provided by you

Some features, such as posting a comment, subscribing to the newsletter or filling in the contact form, require you to provide personal data such as your email address. This data is stored in a secure database and kept private (with the exception of your name and website URL, shown in your comments).

Both comments and newsletter subscriptions are stored indefinitely, however you can log in to edit and delete your comments, and unsubscribe to permanently remove your subscription’s data from our servers. You can also request a copy of all your data as a standard JSON file, to make exporting easier. Comment accounts and newsletter subscriptions are separate at the moment.

We only store messages from contact forms until we reply. Contact forms are separate from comments and newsletter subscriptions.


TL;DR: we use them only if we need to.

This site may create or update one or more cookies containing:

  • the last name, email address and website URL you entered when posting a comment. This is only used to auto-fill the comment form and requires you to explicitly opt in by selecting a checkbox;
  • several temporary access tokens, used to prevent abuse (e.g. by validating comment submissions);
  • if you log in, a persistent access token to keep you logged in. This cookie is invalidated once you log out.

In general, cookies are only required to post comments or subscribe to the newsletter. All identifying cookies (except the one used for logging in) are generated randomly and will be deleted once you close your browser. You can disable, manage or delete cookies in your browser’s settings.